Czech cuisine from local farms

-That's V Zahradě

About us

V Zahradě is a restaurant where we remake classical Czech recipes with modern and creative way. We choose our ingrediencies carefully from local markets and farms. Inspired by new trends, we smoke our marinated meat, fish and vegetable in our smokehouse and we grill in front of our guests in Pira BBQ grill.

Wide outside terrace will get you thrilled by its calm and private atmosphere. In winter you can enjoy the sunshine and garden view through the glass wall of the restaurant.

Gift certificate to our restaurant V Zahradě is great surprise for your loved ones, employees or business partners. In designed envelope you will give them excellent food, cosy ambience and perfect experience.

Restaurant V Zahradě can also be used as location for your business or other festive events. You can use our private lounge for small conference with coffee breaks and snacks or the whole venue including hotel rooms for formal buffet with entertainment and life music. Kindly please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to prepare you individual offer. Contact address: eventy [at]


Lunch menu 9th March - 15th March 2020


SoupPumpkin soup with cream & baked pumpkin seeds45 Kč
Main dish 1Potato gnocchi with turkey, spinach & pecorino155 Kč
Main dish 2 Beef cheeks braised in sweet wine, potato purée, bacon & onions185 Kč
Main dish 3Shredded lettuce with marinated salmon & citruses155 Kč
Main dish 4Grilled turkey breast with citruses & thyme, baked potatoes, lemon sauce195 Kč
Dessertof the day55 Kč


SoupGoulash soup with pork crackling bun45 Kč
Main Dish 1Chicken & poached egg sandwich, salad, our french fries155 Kč
Main Dish 2Spaghetti al ragú bolognese with parmesan & oregano145 Kč
Main Dish 3Salty cake with smoked cheese & grilled zucchini, salad135 Kč
Main dish 4Grilled turkey breast with citruses & thyme, baked potatoes, lemon sauce195 Kč
Dessertof the day55 Kč


SoupSmoked broth with barley & root vegetables45 Kč
Main dish 1Roasted chicken wings, buttered corn, salad145 Kč
Main dish 2Grilled beef steak, roasted vegetables, pepper sauce, salad185 Kč
Main dish 3Sweet curd dumplings with berry sauce & sour cream135 Kč
Main dish 4Grilled turkey breast with citruses & thyme, baked potatoes, lemon sauce195 Kč
Dessertof the day55 Kč


SoupCole soup with caraway seeds & potatoes45 Kč
Main Dish 1Smoked beef tongue with onion, potato purée, veal sauce155 Kč
Main Dish 2Roasted goose leg, red cabbage, potato dumplings175 Kč
Main Dish 3Niçoise salad with grilled tuna, vegetables & egg175 Kč
Main dish 4Grilled turkey breast with citruses & thyme, baked potatoes, lemon sauce195 Kč
Dessertof the day55 Kč


SoupLentil soup with carrot & herb dumplings45 Kč
Main Dish 1Deep fried cod, buttered potato purée175 Kč
Main Dish 2Veal leg, potato dumpling, carrot & mushrooms175 Kč
Main Dish 3Creamy risotto with grilled vegetables & mountain cheese135 Kč
Main Dish 4Grilled turkey breast with citruses & thyme, baked potatoes, lemon sauce195 Kč
Dessertof the day55 Kč

Saturday & Sunday

 Mussels with white wine, tomatoes, parsley & grilled baguette225 Kč
 Roasted pork bites, spinach, browned onion & potato dumpling185 Kč


Gratinated goat cheese with walnuts, forest honey, goat curd mousse, lettuce165 Kč
Smoked catfish with lemon mayonnaise, salad and fermented seasonal vegetables195 Kč
Pork aspic with pickled vegetables, roasted bread125 Kč
Our smokehouse selection, sauerkraut salad, pickled cucumbers, pork crackling bun145 Kč
Beef tartar (100g), smoked zucchini mayonnaise, capers and pickled gherkins, grilled onion bread185 Kč
Beef tartar (200g), smoked zucchini mayonnaise, capers and pickled gherkins, grilled onion bread345 Kč


Soup of the day75 Kč
Strong hen broth with meat, herb gnocchi and vegetable85 Kč


Lettuce with roasted tomato dressing, roasted pumpkin & pumpkin seeds, tomatoes145 Kč
Shredded lettuce with grilled cheese & dry tomatoes, buttery croutons, lime dressing185 Kč

Main Dish

Creamy risotto with pumpkin, broccoli, herb oil, pecorino175 Kč
Grilled salmon trout fillet, creamy risotto with dill and roasted broccoli, lemon sauce with saffron345 Kč
Corn chicken supreme, Spätzle with black truffles, baked carrot, strong creamy chicken jus 285 Kč
Grilled pork chop in bone, spelt barley, cider strong jus, smoked onion295 Kč
Roasted duck leg, red wine cabbage with cranberries, potato dumplings, strong duck jus, crispy onion295 Kč
Matured gently smoked beef ribs with veal jus, potato puree and spicy sour kraut salad365 Kč
Grilled beef rump steak with tartare sauce, homemade fries, small salad345 Kč
Deer saddle with cabbage, chestnut purée, veal reduction with aronia, star anise365 Kč


Caramel pudding with vanilla ice cream, black currant and whipped cream125 Kč
Chocolate tart with sweet curd cheese and strawberry sorbet125 Kč
Angelato ice cream (2 scoops by choice)85 Kč


0,7 lFiltered water38 Kč
0,7 lSparkling water48 Kč
0,33 lMattoni /sparkling, gently sparkling, still/38 Kč
0,75 lMattoni sparkling80 Kč
0,75 lAquila still80 Kč
1 lKrondorf - naturally carbonated mineral water160 Kč

Soft Drinks

0,2 lOrange Fresh Juice75 Kč
0,25 lJuices (apple, pear, apple-strawberry, apple-peach)48 Kč
0,33 lCoca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light48 Kč
0,2 lRose Lemonade Fentimans65 Kč
0,15 lEast Imperial Burma Tonic60 Kč
0,15 lEast Imperial Ginger Beer60 Kč
0,2 lFever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water60 Kč
0,2 lThomas Henry Coffee Tonic60 Kč


 Espresso45 Kč
 Double espresso75 Kč
 Espresso macchiato55 Kč
 Cappuccino59 Kč
 Flat white85 Kč
 Latte macchiato65 Kč
 Latte Baileys95 Kč
 Irish coffee95 Kč
 Ice coffee by Angelato105 Kč


 Fresh Ginger Tea65 Kč
 Fresh Mint Tea55 Kč
 Anicha Tea49 Kč


0,3 lPilsner Urquell světlý ležák42 Kč
0,5 lPilsner Urquell světlý ležák52 Kč
0,3 lKozel černý42 Kč
0,5 lKozel černý52 Kč
0,33 lBirell - non-alcoholic bottled beer39 Kč


0,33 lOriginal Czech Cider Magnetic68 Kč


0,05 lCampari85 Kč
0,05 lLustau Vermut Blanco85 Kč
0,05 lLustau Vermut Rojo85 Kč


0,04 lGraham's Six Grapes85 Kč
0,04 lGraham’s 10 y.o. Tawny115 Kč
0,04 lGraham’s 20 y.o Tawny195 Kč


 Roger Groult 3ans120 Kč


0,04 lTanqueray85 Kč
0,04 lTanqueray NO. TEN105 Kč
0,04 lHendrick's Gin115 Kč
0,04 lTanqueray Rangpur135 Kč
0,04 lGin Mare160 Kč


0,04 lGrappa di Moscato Marzadro95 Kč
0,04 lGrappa La Tradizionale Marzadro95 Kč
0,04 lGrappa Le Diciotto Lune Marzadro125 Kč
0,04 lGrappa Turriga Argiolas165 Kč
0,04 lTre Soli Tre Berta395 Kč


0,04 lPálenice Zubří (plum, apricot)85 Kč
0,04 lPálenice Zubří Williams95 Kč
0,04 lAbsinth Zubří95 Kč
0,04 lMarzadro Pere Williams150 Kč
0,04 lFassbind Vieille Poire/Framboise160 Kč


0,04 lCabrito Reposado85 Kč


0,04 lZeleyonaya Marka Tradicionnaya75 Kč
0,04 lStolichnaya85 Kč
0,04 lRussian Standart Original85 Kč
0,04 lRussian Standart Platinum105 Kč
0,04 lBeluga Noble160 Kč
0,04 lBeluga Gold Line425 Kč


0,04 lTeeling Small Batch - Ireland95 Kč
0,04 lGlenkinchie 12 y.o. – Lowland145 Kč
0,04 lCragganmore 12 y.o. – Speyside145 Kč
0,04 lTalisker 10 y.o. – Islay165 Kč
0,04 lDalwhinnie 15 y.o. – Highland185 Kč
0,04 lOban 14 y.o. – Islay195 Kč
0,04 lLagavulin 16 y.o. – Islay225 Kč


0,04 lBulleit Frontier Bourbon85 Kč
0,04 lBulleit Frontier Rye105 Kč


0,04 lLiqvére Tuzemák Blatná65 Kč
0,04 lFlor de Caña 5 y.o.95 Kč
0,04 lGosling's Black Seal95 Kč
0,04 lContra-Bando 5 años125 Kč
0,04 lDon Papa125 Kč
0,04 lRelicario Dominicano Superior175 Kč
0,04 lDiplomatico Reserva Exclusiva135 Kč
0,04 lRon de Jeremy XO145 Kč
0,04 lZacapa 23 y.o.165 Kč
0,04 lZacapa Limitada295 Kč
0,04 lGosling's Family Reserve Old Rum295 Kč
0,04 lAppleton Estate 21 y.o.295 Kč


0,04 lGodet V.S.O.P. Sélection Spéciale 10y185 Kč
0,04 lGodet Single Grape Rare395 Kč


0,04 lSarajisvili V.S.O.P.95 Kč


0,04 lLiqvére Aperitíf Blatná65 Kč
0,04 lLiqvére Peprmint Blatná65 Kč
0,04 lLiqvére Griotka Blatná65 Kč
0,04 lAltfernet Blatná75 Kč
0,04 lFrangelico75 Kč
0,04 lBecherovka75 Kč
0,04 lBaileys90 Kč
0,04 lChartreuse Sommelier95 Kč

Wine by glass

Sparkling wines 0,1 l
ItalyProsecco Treviso Contarini90 Kč
White wines 0,15 l
Czech RepublicRyzlink Vlašský pozdní sběr Peřina 2016 Morava85 Kč
Chardonnay pozdní sběr Petr Bíza 2017 85 Kč
GermanyWürzburger Müller-Thurgau Bürgerspital 2017 Franken125 Kč
AustriaGrüner Veltliner Federspiel Alzinger 2017 Wachau125 Kč
ItalyPinot Grigio IGT Villa Loren 2017 Venezie75 Kč
Rosé wines 0,15 l
FranceRosé d'Anjou 2017 Ambroisie85 Kč
ItalyBardolino DOC Cantina di Soave 2017 Veneto85 Kč
Red wines 0,15 l
Czech RepublicCabernet Sauvignon výběr z hroznů Petr Bíza 201685 Kč
ItalyChianti Rufina Riserva DOCG Frescobaldi 2014 Toscana150 Kč
ArgentinaMalbec 2014 Chakana Mendoza125 Kč


Champagne Non-Vintage Blanc
Cottet Dubreuil Brut Prestige1095 Kč
Cuvée Leonie Brut1790 Kč
Henriot Souverain Brut1890 Kč
Pol Roger Reserve Brut1990 Kč
Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut2295 Kč
Champagne Blanc de Blancs
Henriot Blanc de Blancs Brut2495 Kč
Champagne Extra Brut, Brut Nature
Jacquesson Cuvée 738 Extra Brut1990 Kč
Henriot Millésime Brut 20063295 Kč
Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs brut 20083495 Kč
Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill 20045900 Kč
Dom Perignon Brut 20064900 Kč
Non-Vintage Rosé
Henriot Brut2895 Kč
Billecart-Salmon Brut3295 Kč
Magnum 1,5 l
Cottet Dubreuil Brut Prestige2295 Kč

Sparkling wines

ItalyProsecco Treviso Contarini480 Kč
Prosecco DOCG Brut Modi Sorelle Bronca790 Kč
Berlucchi Franciacorta DOCG 61 Satén Brut1195 Kč
Berlucchi Franciacorta DOCB 61 Rosé Brut1195 Kč
FranceCrémant de Bourgogne Brut Veuve Ambal890 Kč

White wines

Czech RepublicMoravaRyzlink Vlašský 2015 pozdní sběr Peřina425 Kč
Rulandské Šedé 2016 pozdní sběr Maidenburg Reisten525 Kč
Chardonnay pozdní sběr Petr Bíza 2017425 Kč
FranceAlsacePinot Blanc 2015 Sipp Mack525 Kč
Riesling Grand Cru Rosacker 2012 Sipp Mack975 Kč
Val de LoireSauvignon Touraine 2013 Domaine de la Gitonnière495 Kč
Sancerre Belles Dames SILEX 2015 Gitton Pére et Fils895 Kč
Pouilly Fumé Madmaoiselle de T 2016 Château de Tracy995 Kč
Bourgogne - ChablisChablis AOC 2016 Samuel Billaud1055 Kč
Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre 2016 Samuel Billaud2250 Kč
Chablis Grand Cru Vaudesir 2016 Samuel Billaud2895 Kč
Bourgogne - MersaultLes Vireuils Meursault 2014 Vaudoisey1495 Kč
Puligny-Montrachet Les Enseigniéres 2013 Prudhon1685 Kč
ItalyPiemonteGavi di Gavi 2016 Batasiolo685 Kč
Alto AdigePinot Grigio Anger 2017 St. Miachael-Eppan845 Kč
Pinot Bianco Schulthauser 2016 St. Miachael-Eppan845 Kč
VenetoPinot Grigio 2017 Villa Loren375 Kč
CampaniaFalanghina del Sannio 2016725 Kč
GermanyRheinhessenRiesling Louis Dry Guntrum 2017475 Kč
FrankenMüller-Thurgau Bürgerspital 2017 Würzburger525 Kč
MoselRiesling 1648 Tradition Trocken 2017 Thanisch485 Kč
Riesling Grauschiefer Trocken 2017 Philipps Eckstein495 Kč
Riesling Steillage Trocken 2017 Bastgen565 Kč
Riesling Haus Klosterberg QBA Trocken 2017 Markus Molitor885 Kč
Riesling Spätlese Trocken Niederberg Helden 2016 Thanisch725 Kč
RheingauRiesling Charta QBA 2016 Weingut Johannishof650 Kč
PfalzRiesling Ruppertsberger Kabinett 2017 Kimich525 Kč
Riesling Forster Trocken 2016 Heinrich Spindler720 Kč
NaheRiesling Trocken 2015 Schäfer Fröhlich875 Kč
AustriaWachauGrüner Veltliner Federspiel 2018 Alzinger625 Kč
Grüner Veltliner Terrassen Federspiel 2017 Piewald645 Kč
Riesling Federspiel 2018 Alzinger750 Kč
Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Ried Loibenberg 2014 Knoll1880 Kč
KamptalGrüner Veltliner Langenlois Terrafactum 2018 Weszeli650 Kč
Riesling Smaragd Klaus 2014 Prager2500 Kč
New ZealandMarlboroughSauvignon Blanc 2018 Endless River475 Kč

Rosé wines

Czech RepublicPink Zweigeltrebe 16/17 Arte Vini425 Kč
FranceRosé d'Anjou 2017 Ambroisie425 Kč
ItalyBardolino DOC Cantina di Soave 2017425 Kč

Red wines

Czech RepublicMoravaMerlot Chateau Dowina 2015 Michlovský590 Kč
Pinot Noir 2006 Vinařství Kraus695 Kč
Cabernet Sauvignon výběr z hroznů Petr Bíza 2016425 Kč
FranceAloxe Corton 1er cru 2011 Chapuis1810 Kč
Vougeot 1er cru Les Cras 2011 Legros2395 Kč
Pinot Noir Henri Prudhon 2014640 Kč
BordeauxHaut Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2014 Château Poitevin815 Kč
Saint Émilion Grand Cru Classé 2014 Château la Chapelle aux Moines950 Kč
Margaux Grand Cru Classé 2012 Château Cantenac Brown2595 Kč
Vallée du RhôneCôtes du Rhône Village Plan de Dieu 2015 La Bastide Saint Vincent665 Kč
Gigondas 2016 La Bastide Saint Vincent 965 Kč
Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2012 Clos Saint Jean1850 Kč
Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2018 Clos Cuvée Marie Beurrier Henri Bonneau599 Kč
ItalyAlto AdigePinot Nero DOC St.Valentin 2014 St.M.Eppan1490 Kč
PiemonteBarbera d'Alba DOC Peiragal 2016 Marchesi di Barolo995 Kč
Barolo DOCG Cannubi 2013 Marchesi di Barolo2250 Kč
ToscanaChianti Classico DOCG Zingarelli 2016 Rocca delle Macie 705 Kč
Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG 2014 Nipozzano750 Kč
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2013 Castelgiocondo 848 Frescobaldi 1950 Kč
Lamaione IGT 2014 Frescobaldi2250 Kč
AbruzzoSassicaia DOC 2014 Tenuta San Guido4800 Kč
AbruzzoMontepulciano d'Abruzzo 2011 Valle Realle780 Kč
VenetoAmarone della Valpolicella DOC 2013 Tedeschi1495 Kč
PugliaPrimitivo del Salento Rifugio 2016 Conti Zecca790 Kč
SardegnaTurriga IGT 2014 Argiolas2295 Kč
Spain Rioja Crianza 2015 Bodegas Ontanon595 Kč
Rioja Reserva 2014 Bodegas Ontanon695 Kč
ArgentinaMalbec 2014 Chakana Mendoza620 Kč



V Zahradě

tel.: +420 723 698 288
e-mail: restaurace [at]

V Zahradě
Schwaigerova 59/3
Prague 6 - Bubenec, 160 00
Czech Republic

Opening hours:
11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Mo - Fr)
12:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Sa)
12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Su)

Hotel Schwaiger